Featured Pro: Howire Electric-All Inc.

eieihome.com is beginning a new series of profile articles to shine a light on some of the highly-skilled and hardworking home improvement service providers that can be found in our listings. To [...]

An Intro to Smart Home Wiring

The term “Smart Home” is a commonly used term these days, but the truth is that many people still aren’t quite sure what it means. A  Smart Home is generally considered one which has some or all [...]


A huge range of services throughout Toronto, to help ensure your home is efficient and to give you all the conveniences from lighting, potlights to home automation you need. Whether you need a [...]

Energize your outdoor living space

With the arrival of spring, homeowners are looking to revive and refresh different parts of their home — and the outdoor living space is no exception. In fact, Canadian homeowners are dedicated [...]

Home energy saving with style

The importance of creating a home that incorporates both functionality and beauty has always been important, but now many homeowners are interested in bringing energy efficiency into the mix. Read More

HotWire Electric-All

Wall switches are so passé. This crack team of electricians will wire your house or yard so that lights turn on and off automatically at certain hours. Crave more control? Opt for a high-tech [...]

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