Ontario Electrical Apprenticeship rules as seen by Toronto’s leading Electrical Contractor

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The Ontario Electrical Apprenticeship program is a mess and Hotwire Electric’s owner Hanna Taylor is featured on CanadianContractor.ca discussing the problems with that program.

“We’re talking electrical! We’re talking life and death!”

“The ministry will overlook the 9,000 hours required for Canadians, and let that person write an open book, multiple choice exam. That means they’ll read the code book on their own and maybe have a translator to sit in the exam room with them. If they get over 70 per cent, they’re in; they’ve got their ticket! Maybe they’re book-smart, maybe he opened the book and got lucky.”

What can result are ticketed electricians willing to work at a far lower hourly rate than those Canadians who have graduated with the full 9,000 hours. “Some of them will come to me and say, ‘Hey, I just want $17 dollars an hour, I’m licensed.’ But they’ve never touched anything in Canada. Zero hands-on experience. It’s insane!”

As an electrical contractor with multiple crews on all sorts of jobs, Taylor sees nothing to gain from such undercutting. “I don’t think that at $17 an hour you’re saving anything. That ticket means nothing to me. To be an electrician you can’t just have theory; you have to have practical experience.”

Hotwire Electric has been fighting for years to ensure the electrical contractor standards are high as we know it’s a matter of life and death. Read the whole article HERE

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