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Marc and Mandy show have always asked Hanna Taylor, CEO of Hotwire Electric to give tips on Indoor Lighting, Home Lighting etc. This time they asked Hanna Taylor to give tips on Backyard Lighting Options for Custom Homes.

Guide to Outdoor Lighting

Tips on Backyard Lighting

Hanna Taylor gives some great tips on Backyard Lighting,

“In a custom home site there’s a lot to consider for lighting. A few options can be your Cabana lights, Pool Lights, Pathway Lights, Accent Lighting as well as Up down Lights, Tree Lighting and anything for Security and safety as well when you are walking in the evening. Driveway Lighting is accent lighting its aesthetically pleasing lighting, it also illuminates the driveway.”

Accent Lighting is a form of lighting which illuminates subtle light. The most common accent lighting fixtures can be in track, recessed and wall-mounted lights. Accent lights are perfect for emphasizing architectural features in the landscape. For great effect, these lighting’s can be placed in the ground or floor.

Types of Illumination

Hanna Taylor also explains that there are many types of Illumination:

“There are different types of illumination that you can have: your pool Lights are also beautifying the water, they’re giving you evening glow. For Up down Lights they’re accent lighting across the exterior of your home. You can have to illuminate masonry, brick-work, accenting different features of your home.”

As Hanna Taylor says there are many types of Lighting like Accent Lighting, Environmental Lighting, and Decorative Lighting etc. These lighting’s give your home an elegant look. It accents the major or minor details in your home. The lighting fixtures in your home change the entire look of your home.

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Home Security Lighting

Security Lighting not only gives you safety but also gives you all information of who walks in and out of your house. As important security is home-owners also want their lighting fixtures look good. Home-owners want their house to be elegant and pleasing.

“Home Security Lighting such as motion lighting, allows you to notify the homeowner if somebody’s passing by in the evening that is not supposed to be in the residence or property.”

As it’s the generation of Smart technology even your home can be fully automated with smart lighting technology. Hotwire Electric provides the best Smart home technology which makes things very easy for you. If you would like to know more about converting your house into a smart home contact Hotwire Electric today and talk to one of our other experts directly.

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