Electrical Panel Upgrade

For nearly 20 years the professionals at Hotwire Electric have helped the home and business owners of Toronto, Vaughan, Residential Electrical services in Richmond Hill and beyond enjoy more comfortable, prosperous lives by providing them with first-class electrical services. One of the most important and timely of the many services we provide is the electrical panel upgrade. The electrical panel is the traffic cop of your power supply. Power enters your house or commercial building from the utility, passes through the meter and is divided by the electrical panel into subsidiary circuits that serve the home or business. The panel, in essence, determines how much power is available to be distributed to the various electric-powered items in your home or business.

Why You Should Consider Electrical Panel Upgrade

If your electrical panel is more than 25 years old it’s likely that it is no longer able to support the demands being made upon it by your home or business. There’s also a good chance that it is causing a cascade of problems that might seem of mysterious origin to you such as breakers tripping repeatedly, shocks from appliances and flickering lights. If these small problems are allowed to fester they may in fact lead to more dangerous conditions, which is why you should call Hotwire Electric for a panel upgrade. We’re fully licensed and have extensive experience with all manner of panel upgrades, including:

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Residential upgrades

There are a fair number of homes in the GTA that still utilize old fashioned fuse panels. The time for this technology passed long ago and if you’re wondering why you keep blowing fuses it’s because your fuse panel was never designed to handle the type of demands put on it by modern technology. Still others have electrical panels that use circuit breakers but were installed more than 25 years ago. While slightly more efficient and effective than fuse panels these old panels are themselves prone to malfunctions that can cause house fires and leave your home open to damage from power surges.

Commercial upgrades

The typical medium sized business devours many times the electricity of a typical house. If your business is hosted by an older building with an obsolete electrical panel you could experience frequent blown circuits that seriously impact productivity. If your business is open to the public (like a restaurant, bar or retail outlet) and this happens the bad word of mouth alone could sink you. If you’re seeing any of the telltale signs of your panel being overwhelmed (repeatedly tripping breakers, flickering lights etc) it’s time to call Hotwire Electric for an electrical panel upgrade. call our Commercial Electrician team to schedule a appointment

Some of the immediate benefits our customers notice from an electric panel upgrade include:

  • Smooth Consistent Power – No more flickering lights. No more blown circuits when you switch on the blender or ceiling fan. No more disappointed customers when the lights go out in the middle of their dinner. A new electrical panel will deliver the power you need where and when you need it.
  • Enhanced Safety – If you survived until today with a 30 year old electrical panel count your lucky stars because there are plenty of homeowners who saw their dreams go up in smoke due to fires caused by obsolete or defective panels. A panel upgrade by a Master Electrician from Hotwire Electric will put an end to the threat. You may even enjoy a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Future Proofing – Just as your home or business today consumes more electricity than it did 10 or 15 years ago so too will it, in all likelihood, require more electricity several years from now. An electrical panel upgrade from Hotwire gives you the ability to anticipate future needs so that your business or home continues to hum along even as demand increases.

The upgrade process is easier and more affordable than you think and with a licensed electrician from Hotwire on the job you can also be certain it will get done right the first time. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t require opening up the walls to rewire your entire house. In the vast majority of cases the electrical panel can be replaced in a single day with the pros from Hotwire handling all the necessary paperwork and regulatory necessities. A good time to schedule the work is during the week when most everyone is out of the house as electricity will have to be cut to the home while work is underway.

Call Hotwire Electric for Electrical Panel Upgrade

To learn more about the benefits of electrical panel upgrade and to determine if your home or business is a good candidate contact Hotwire Electric today on 416-553-5533. We’re the electrical contractors your neighbours in Vaughan and Richmond Hill trust more than any other due to our consistently high quality work and competitive prices.

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