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Hotwire Electric was again featured on the Marc and Mandy show and this time it’s about Indoor Lighting.

The Marc and Mandy show had asked Hanna to explain more about the new trend in lighting. In this video Hanna Taylor, CEO of Hotwire Electric explains about accent lighting and lift installation.

Current trend in Indoor Lighting

Hanna Taylor shares some great ideas for new homes:

“A new trend in lighting that is seen in new custom homes is accent lighting throughout your stare lights from your staircase illuminating your pathway on a timer is a great idea.”

Accent lighting can add extra style and elegance to your home. Accent Lights are used not only in staircase but can be used in many other places in your home. These lights can be used in your kitchen, above cabinet lighting, inside cabinets, living rooms, closet etc. It’s important to do accent lighting in the right way. Hotwire Electric is an expert in custom lighting and is the right choice for your home.

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Hanna also explains that accent lighting is a smart technology,

“We turn on the timer between a certain time that you would like the lights to be turned on, it illuminates the staircase makes them beautiful and also functional in the evening. These LED lights have to be well designed with your Electrician before installation of the staircase as well these territories custom homes are now on a home automation system hands-free.”

Use of Lift Installation

Have you ever wondered how to change bulb or clean a chandelier which is hung from a tall ceiling? Previously if you had to replace a bulb or if you had to clean a chandelier you had to use ladder and get the chandelier down to fix it or clean it. However, with new technologies in place we don’t have to worry about getting the chandelier down.

Toronto Electrician Dream Home Lighting Guide

Hanna Taylor briefs about this technology and states that

“A new trend for custom homes is the use of a lift. A lift installation allows the homeowner to be able to bring down and lower a chandelier and also lift it back up. It is used for cleaning the chandelier and also for changing the look of the chandelier in your home. The lifts also allow homeowners to lower the chandelier for servicing, changing bulbs, minor repairs and also cleaning the fixture.”

Add the new features to your home and make it fully automated by contacting Hotwire Electric. If you want to convert your home with the new smart features, Hotwire Electric is the best place for you. Our company provides the best service for your home with latest technology. Using this automation technology you can make your life comfortable.
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