New Construction Electrical

Whether you are building a new home, office, factory, retail establishment, restaurant, research facility or any other type of dwelling or enterprise Hotwire Electric is the company to call for new construction electrical services in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. We have years of hands-on experience and the GTAs most dedicated team of professionals whose commitment to quality work is what separates us from the pack. If getting the job done right, on time and within the budget is important to you Hotwire Electric is the company to call for all of your electrical needs.

Hotwire New Construction Electrical

Building a home or commercial development from the ground up can be a nerve wracking experience. There’s a thousand things that could go wrong and if you partner with the wrong electrical contractors you can be sure some of them will. When you’re nailing down the list of companies that will bring your project to life make sure you include Hotwire Electric. With nearly 20 years in the business and many decades of combined experience under our collective belt we take the worry out of new construction electrical so you can rest easy.

Regardless of whether your electrical project is large or small, simple or extremely complex there is no company in Vaughan, Richmond Hill or Toronto more qualified to see it to completion than Hotwire Electric. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the day you enter your new home or business and hit the switch everything looks and works exactly as you planned.

Residential New Construction

Installing the electrical system in a new home today is not as simple as installing an electrical panel and running a few wires. Today’s Custom Homes Electrician is a living breathing thing capable of monitoring itself, upgrading its own components and interacting with you from halfway around the world. That type of technology requires a rock solid electrical foundation. The kind you only get from the pros at Hotwire. Every licensed electrician on our residential crew has a proven track record of reliability and excellence and is fully capable of thinking both inside and outside the box.

Over the past 2 decades the team at Hotwire have worked on hundreds of new residential construction projects; everything from modest 1 bedroom homes to palatial 4,000 sq ft mansions. Today we offer a full range of new construction services including the installation of:

  • Electrical panels
  • Room lighting
  • Hallway lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Whole house surge protection
  • Security system wiring
  • Outlets, switches and dimmers
  • Smart home automation

Ideally we would be involved in the design process from the get go but if you have already finalized your home design we can work to the precise specifications laid out in your blueprints.

Commercial New Construction

If you are looking for a company to handle your commercial new construction electrical work look no further than Hotwire. We work with you to create an electrical design and implementation plan that will allow you to present your business in the best possible light, to take advantage of recent progress in energy efficient lighting technologies and to do it all for a price that won’t break your budget. We can also help you with any expansion or remodelling plans you have. Those types of projects can be notoriously difficult because most companies stay open during that type of work. That means a balance has to be achieved between conducting business and performing the necessary construction work. It’s projects like those where our master electricians with their years of experience really come to the rescue for our clients.

Why Choose Hotwire?

When it comes to new residential and commercial construction getting it right the first time is crucial. Having to go back in after the fact to make corrections or adjustments is a huge waste of time and money and can generate a slew of negative cascading effects. The company you choose to perform your new construction electrical work then needs to be experienced, savvy and dependable; 3 words that describe Hotwire to a T. The sheer breadth of our experience ensures your project won’t grind to a halt while your electrical contractor plays catch up and the quality of our finished product will provide endless hours of satisfaction for everyone who lives in or visits your home or everyone who works in or patronizes your business.

Get in Touch with Hotwire

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner contemplating new construction you owe it to yourself to contact Hotwire Electric and learn why so many of your neighbours in the GTA won’t trust any other electrical contractors. We make it our business to empower your life and business.

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