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The return of warm weather causes homeowners across the GTA to gaze longingly out their kitchen windows into the yard and consider possibilities. What if I purchased new patio furniture? What if I added an outdoor kitchen? What if I installed a hot tub or painted the deck? Those are all worthy projects to be sure but we have one more “what if” that trumps them all: What if you added state of the art lighting at various points around the property?

The Value of Outdoor Lighting

A well designed backyard lighting scheme can transform your everyday yard into the social centre of your domestic life. Our managing director Hanna Taylor recently sat down with the good folks at eieihome.com to discuss some of the ways you can infuse your yard with beauty and energy using outdoor lighting. Of course it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to lighting the deck:

“Decks are fantastic use of space… how about adding stair lighting? Or perhaps in-floor lighting? So many options are available and with the right design, lighting is everything…”

As usual Hannah is spot-on with her assessment of the many ways lighting can enhance the deck experience. Those stair lights she mentions are state-of-the-art LEDs that can be utilized in myriad ways to accent various aspects of the stairs. And embedding LED strips right into the floor of the deck is a way to add atmosphere and send your guests into the envy stratosphere.

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Other Ways Outdoor Lighting can Enhance Your Property

Fortunately, outdoor lighting is not a one trick pony which means it has the ability to enhance the atmosphere in the entire yard, highlight important features in the landscape and add a practical touch that will make night time entertaining a safe, fun experience for everyone.

The Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting

Did you know you can install beautiful energy-efficient LED lights right inside the pool? The effect they create is stunning. And when paired with an LED lighting scheme around the pool deck they’ll transform your experience of the pool to such a degree you may stop using it during the day and use it only at night.

The Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The advantages of the outdoor kitchen are such that it has quickly become one of the most popular upgrades people are making to their home. But an outdoor kitchen with substandard lighting is one that isn’t taking full advantage of its potential. Talk to the pros at HotWire Electric about redesigning your outdoor kitchen lighting scheme.

Walkways Lighting

Walkways Lighting

When you enlist Hotwire to install lighting on the pathways in the yard we use those lights to create aesthetic and physical unity. As Hannah says in the eieihome article:

“…we work closely to integrate the space, the use, the client’s vision along with the latest in lighting products,”


Lighting walkways, the deck, the pool, the outdoor kitchen and more is the most effective way you’ll find to enhance the look and feel of your entire property. At the same time you’ll add a magical element that will blow your guests away and increase the value of your home. And because the lights we install are mostly hyper-efficient LEDs you won’t be jacking up your energy consumption or pushing the planet over the climate edge.

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