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Power. Our lives depend on it. From necessary utilities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to essential daily tasks like cooking, laundry or kids’ bath times. Power outages are more frequent than ever and last longer, with devastating effects. No power means no medical equipment, no sump pumps, and no water nor light nor heat.

To obtain accurate pricing information, we recommend our staff visit your location to determine which generator is right for you. Please contact us to arrange for a free at home consultation, or give us a call at our toll free number at 416-553-5533.

Prepare for unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in residential standby power. If the power ever goes out, your standby generator, professionally installed by Hotwire Electric Inc goes on – automatically – protecting you and your home 24/7.

Our standby generators continually monitor your home’s connection to the local electric utility. Outages trigger the system, which independently switches to generator power until local power is restored. All models are fully automatic. Property owners can obtain levels of power suitable for running everything from specific applications, such as sump pumps and refrigerators, to an entire home or small office building.

Hotwire Electric offers full turnkey service. We supply, install and service your backup power equipment. Hotwire Electric carries several sizes of generators that will accommodate any application ,including single-family homes, hotels, medical facilities, stores, factories, outdoor events, apartments, etc.

Whether it’s Residential, Commercial or Industrial, Hotwire Electric will ensure you purchase and install the correct size generator or your electrical load. Choosing the right generator depends on how many circuits or rooms you wish to protect in the event of a power outage. The more circuits, the larger sized generator you need, and the higher the costs.


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