Potlight Installation

The popularity of potlights can be chalked up to their incredible versatility. Whether you need to light a museum gallery full of priceless artwork, provide mood lighting behind a bar, add accent light around the kitchen, soft light in the bathroom, security for your home’s exterior or a thousand other tasks potlights answer the call. At Hotwire Electric we specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of potlights for commercial Electrician and residential customers in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and the entire GTA.

Potlight Installation: Which Type is Right?

Not all potlights are the same and not all can or should be used in every environment. The type of potlight that is right for your commercial or residential application will depend on a number of things besides style, including:

Is the space above your ceiling limited?

In some cases the cavity above the ceiling where the potlights will reside is very limited. In a situation like that you’ll need potlights with a shallow housing. This type of recessed light will fit comfortably in shallow spaces and no one enjoying the beautiful light below will notice any difference.

Is your ceiling sloped?

A sloped ceiling can really make a room seem grand but it rules out the use of many types of potlights. If the ceiling in your home or business is slanted you’ll need a potlight designed to accommodate the particular angle of your ceiling. We’ll provide you with a full range of options so your space winds up looking great.

Do you have a drywall ceiling?

If so you’ll want potlights that sit on top of the drywall and extend up into the drop-ceiling cavity. Installation of this type of potlight is relatively simple though wiring concerns mean it is definitely not a DIY project.

What type of insulation is in the ceiling?

The “pot” of the potlight although vented can still get pretty hot if the light has been on for some time. Therefore you need to know ahead of time if any insulation in the ceiling will come in direct contact with the pot. If so you’ll need potlights that are IC rated. This type of potlight eliminates the chance of a hot light setting the insulation on fire.

Other considerations may come into play as well when determining exactly the right kind of potlights for your home or business. Talk to one of our experienced potlight installation pros to find out more.

Placing Potlights

While potlights are extremely versatile you’ll nonetheless need to keep a few things in mind about placement before going ahead with a potlight installation.

  • Make sure the potlights you choose are the right size for the layout you have in mind. For instance, 4 inch potlights should be 4 feet apart, 6 inch potlights 6 feet apart and so on.
  • Don’t overdo it with the number of potlights. When properly laid out potlights can add just about any look and feel you want to a room. If you cram too many into a space however the only look you’ll achieve is “overdone” and the only feeling will be “uncomfortable”.
  • If you want overhead recessed lights to aid in reading you’ll need to carefully consider their placement relative to seating.
  • Any potlights used to illuminate artwork or other specific items on or against a wall should be centred properly and moved back 1 to 1 1/2 feet from the item.
  • You can enhance mood and make a moderate sized room feel larger by confining the potlights to the perimeter of the room.

Why Choose Hotwire Electric?

Hotwire Electric is one of the GTAs most trusted and experienced electrical contractors. We’ve been installing potlights in venues great and small and houses both grand and modest for nearly 2 decades. We’ve seen and performed every type of potlight installation imaginable and have developed a process that’s both efficient (so you save money) and effective (so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come). Every member of our team from Master Electrician on down treats every aspect of your property with the utmost respect and we work hard to minimize any mess or disruption to your business or family life. Some of the other reasons for choosing Hotwire for your potlight installations include:

  • You will be provided a comprehensive estimate.
  • All work is carried out by an experienced licensed electrician.
  • Every member of our team behaves in a professional manner at all times.
  • All work is performed to the highest industry and government standards.
  • There will be no damage to your walls, ceiling or floors.
  • We clean up thoroughly when the work is done.
  • All our work is fully insured.

If you’re considering potlight installation for your home or business give the pros at Hotwire Electric a call on 416-553-5533. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk possibilities with you.

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