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Pot lights are used in many Canadian homes to accent special artwork, furniture or spaces, and to provide an extra touch of sophistication to their interior or exterior environments. But pot lights must be installed with extreme caution and precision, due to a high risk of wall , plumbing or ceiling damage if installed incorrectly.

Choosing the right electrical contractor to install pot lights doesn’t just impact the pot lights—it impacts the integrity of the rest of the house, as well. As such, it’s important to pick the right electrical contractor for the job.

Here are some of the tools of our trade:

  • Laser trackers – ensures your pot lights are properly aligned
  • Behind-drywall camera use – helps prevent damage to interior walls
  • Cutting Drills – specialized drill bits for pot light installation, with variants for the different types of homes/ceilings
  • Area measurement tools – tools that aid in retaining the symmetry of the different fixtures
  • Safe electrical products – products that meet the Electrical Safety Authorities Policies and home building codes.
  • Design and integration with room specs – this is THE most important item. We combine form and function with practical yet tasteful layouts

Services we provide include:

  • Pot light installation in new Toronto homes
  • Pot light installation withing finished Toronto homes
  • Pot light installation under soffits
  • Pot light installation on dropped and high ceilings
  • Main floor pot lights installation in Toronto
  • Second floor pot lights installation in Toronto
  • Installation of pot light in basements
  • Outdoor potlights installation – soffit potlights
  • Kitchen pot lights installation – pucklights, led lights and xenon lighting
  • No Moulding Necessary


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